Thursday, February 13, 2014

Slow Down...

One of the most appealing things to me about living a simpler life is slowing down and not always feeling the urgency to go somewhere. There seems to be a universal recognition that modern life is paced too fast, too hectic, and is too complicated.

And it's expensive.  i.e, Gas for unnecessary driving (or just cruising around), connection fees, cable, internet, cell phones, and smart phones - it all adds up to big dollars.  Enough for an IRA contribution.

Have you ever wondered why everyone is in such a hurry?  Straining to get to the next traffic light?  To go to the Mall. To go wherever.  There's an insatiable urge to go, go, go.  To get out of the house, (instead of spending time at home - the place that is real).  We can't wait to talk on the phone, or send another text, or log on, or whatever.  People actually spend more time staring at their electronic devices than they do talking the person across the table from them (or pay attention to the oncoming traffic in front of them).

It seems the pace has picked up, getting more frantic than ever before.  Without even realizing it, our inner clocks are being wound tighter and tighter like a coiled spring.

As our dependence and over-usage of electronic devices increases, so do things like road rage, insomnia, anxiety, short tempers, impatience, discontentment, and a basic dissatisfaction with life.

Is it any wonder?  These things don't always improve our lives.  They also bring complications.... and distractions.

Have you noticed how quiet your house becomes if the electricity is down for some reason?  All the things we keep plugged in make noise, vibrate and hum.  We hear it all the time and never notice until it’s gone.

Our lifestyle seems to have its foot on the accelerator.  I can’t help but think that if we took a sabbatical from technology, from going all the time, or fasted these things for a few weeks, we could “reset” ourselves, connect with the most important people in our lives (on a personal level), and find inner calm.

Slow down.... and go fishing.

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