Thursday, March 27, 2014

Homosexuality (Part 2) – Gay Marriage

The most divisive issue of our day is no longer abortion.  It is gay marriage.

According to the Bible a homosexual union in any form is a contradiction to God’s original design in creation.  So even if you are in a “loving, monogamous relationship” with someone of the same sex, it’s still a violation of God’s Word.  God’s design for is for a man and woman in the context of marriage.

But some would say that regardless of where you might stand morally on this issue, that gay marriage should be endorsed as a fundamental civil right.  Even further, that any pledge of love and commitment between two people can only be a positive move, even if you do not support the lifestyle.

Barney Frank, a gay congressman, once said, “I don’t understand how it hurts anybody else if two people want to be legally responsible for each other.”

Here’s how it hurts:

1.  The legalization of homosexual marriage will quickly erode any sense of the traditional family in our culture.  The words “husband” and “wife” and “mother” and “father” will quickly lose their meaning. 

2.  It will open the floodgates to increased redefinitions.  Already there are lawsuits being written to justify polygamy and many other alternatives to one-man/one-woman unions.

This isn’t about civil rights.  And it’s not simply about a loving commitment.  It’s about morality and the decay of society.

Marriage is defined by God, and is not open to reinterpretation on the basis of our sexual desires.

All the more reason to stand firm on Biblical truth.

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