Thursday, March 27, 2014

Homosexuality (Part 1) Cultural Acceptance

I can’t think of any other change in public opinion as swift as the one we’ve seen regarding homosexuality.  Its swiftness has been breathtaking.

  • Once it was in the closet.  Now it is in the open.
  • Once it was whispered about.  Now it is the focus of sitcoms.
  • Once it was publicly denounced.  Now it is deemed (by some) as essential to embrace.

Three things (I think) have led to this rapid cultural acceptance:

First, there is the favorable treatment of homosexuality in the media.

Second, there has been a organized movement to denounce and demonize anyone opposing homosexuality in the name of tolerance and civil rights.

Third, the issue has been successfully redefined (by proponents of homosexuality) to be about “love and commitment” rather than morality or a traditional view of marriage.

And it’s working.  Or should I say, “It has worked.”

Seventeen states have now legalized same-sex marriage.

So complete has this cultural-shift been that now many religious and church leaders are advocating acceptance of these legal unions in the name of unity.

As I mentioned earlier, this shift in our culture – in less than a single generation – is staggering.

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