Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Mind Dump - March 31, 2014

Attendance today was way up.  Always glad to see this – it seems to add extra energy into the service.

I really enjoyed the music today.  The songs were God-centered and vertically focused, not to mention well-done by everyone.  I think we have some of the best musical & vocal talent in the area.  More importantly, our worship team is made up of some of the most selfless and servant-minded people around.

Gary Weiborg hit it out of the park today.  He handled the text skillfully and delivered a good message.  It was enjoyable to hear.  I was convicted in a few places.  I think the PCC family was edified too.  I’m certain God was honored.

I really, really appreciated some of the things he said.

The message series through the book of 2 Timothy has been one of the most productive series for us ever.

The Military Families Meet-and-Greet after service was a huge success too.  We appreciate our military personnel and their families, and are honored that God has seen fit to send so many good people to our church family.

Thank you to everyone who made it happen. 

BTW – We have some good cooks at PCC too.


I won’t be the lead pastor at PCC forever… and I don’t intend to hang on long after my time has passed.  With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about a succession plan (i.e., who will take my place and how to make it happen) that will be as seamless and non-disruptive as possible.  A best-case scenario will be to raise up someone from within our church family.  This would be a person who is well known, loved, and received by our congregation.  Home grown, if you will.

But don’t count me out just yet….

I want to last as long as I can.  But I don’t want to burn out before I get there.  That’s why I’m sharing the pulpit with others and developing a solid teaching team.  Not only do these people bring their gifts to the Body of Christ, but it helps me by extending my shelf life.

I think it honors God to think ahead about these things.

I figure I have about 9-10 more years (unless circumstances decide otherwise).  I’m 56 years old and this church will need a new pastor by the time I reach 65.   It just makes sense to have a younger pastor at some point.


I’m preaching this Sunday.  The message is entitled “The Agape Factor.”

The following Sunday (Palm Sunday) we’ll be receiving Communion together.

Easter Sunday comes the following week.

The Sunday after Easter begins a new series on The 10 Commandments.


PCC should have a culture of inviting guests to Sunday Services… not just on big days like Easter.

Ask God to give you a heart that longs for lost people… and to remember what it was like when you were hell-bound yourself.

The reason you are saved is because someone told you about Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, “Freely you received…. Freely you must give.”

Who are you going to invite (and bring) to PCC next Sunday.

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