Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some Sermons are Different

Some sermons are different than others.  Sure, all good sermons are Biblically based, doctrinally sound, and Christ exalting.  In that sense, all sermons are the same.  But every now and then a sermon comes along that connects (with a large part of the congregation) differently than the others.

Today was such an example.

From the text, we talked about:
  • The forgiveness of “all” sin
  • The lingering consequences of “some” sins
  • Domestic disturbances in the family
  • Anger issues
  • Tough teenagers in the home
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Blended families and step-siblings
  • Children conceived (not in love) but by carnal acts
  • Beersheba – the place of loneliness
  • Single parenthood
  • God’s intervention even when we make a mess of things
  • And so much more….

I kid you not, as I was teaching I could see God doing things.  By reading the body language of people in the congregation I could tell this story deeply resonated (and related) with a lot of folk.

Some where deeply moved.  

And why not?  Families today are dealing with the same kind of issues that occurred four thousand years ago.

After service each Sunday I linger at the front (after dismissal) to speak with anyone who chooses to come forward to speak with me.  For a solid hour today (after service was dismissed) I was still talking with people about the message, their own situation, the timing of God’s Word, and His marvelous grace.

Things were different today.  A lot different.

It was totally a God-thing.


On to other things………………

Due to the perfect fall weather a number of families (about 15) were out.  i.e., Travel, camping, car races, vacation, etc.

Yet our attendance was WAY UP for such a Sunday.

Did you see ALL THE NEW people in service today?  God just keeps SENDING THEM in.  Mostly young adults and young families.

It’s another God-thing.

…. and we do no advertising, no marketing, or any YMCA type programs.

What we do is worship and the Bible.

Such a format is good enough for God.

And it seems to be good enough for people who want the “better things” – worship and God’s Word.  Right now I’m thinking of Mary who chose the better part over her sister Martha.

And don’t forget what Jesus said…..

“IT IS ENOUGH for a disciple to be like his teacher, and a servant like his master” (Matthew 10:25a)

An AUTHENTIC follower of Jesus Christ simply WANTS to BE LIKE his LORD – and for him/her IT IS ENOUGH.  There’s no need for him/her to have their church to become an recreational center or entertainment venue. 

Jesus is enough.

God’s Word is enough. 

To be like your teacher is enough.

To be like your master is enough.

I take great comfort in that verse, because it reaffirms for me that my main job as a pastor is POINT PEOPLE TOWARD JESUS CHRIST and TEACH them His Word; NOT turn myself in an activity director or emcee.

Church should not be so complicated.

In God’s eyes it’s not. 

It’s important that we keep the main thing, the main thing.

The mission of the church is to make disciples.  There is no Plan B.


Personal stuff….

My fall garden is really coming along.  I get a lot of enjoyment from this hobby.  It’s very fulfilling for me.

We will be in full harvest for greens by Thanksgiving.  Can’t wait.

I especially enjoying having my grandson (Nolan) hang with me at the garden.  He helps me plant and enjoys the tractor rides.

He’s at the age that he really enjoys being around his grandparents right now, so I’m taking full advantage while it lasts. 

I can’t wait to take him fishing.  He’s too young right now (meaning it’s too dangerous to take him out in my boat).

I’d like to teach him how to throw a cast net too.

Since the weather is SO PERFECT right now, I hope to go fishing one day this week.

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