Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Sunday - When God Says "Let Go!" (Part 14)

Our lives revolve around the people we love and the things we enjoy.  Among them are our spouses, children, special friends… our homes, work, vocation, some treasured possession, even our hopes and dreams. 

These things form the pillars of our life – the things that are most important to us.

Yet, there are times when – out of the blue – God says, “Let that go!”   When that happens, the framework of our lives starts coming apart, fracturing our peace and calm.

There came a day in Abraham’s life when that occurred.  He had known numerous tests before, but none like this one…

“Place your son on the altar and sacrifice him to Me.”

It was the greatest test of his life.

But it isn't simply Abraham’s story.  It’s our story too as we will learn the value of letting go rather than getting caught in the grip of the gift.  Our worship is to the Giver of gifts.

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