Saturday, October 3, 2009

Minister of GSD

What are the best kinds of staff members for a church? What should be the first or second position key position in a new church plant? I’m eleven years in at PCC, and I think I can articulate an answer. Do you have any ideas?

The very first position (second and third) that churches need is a Minister of GSD – that’s short for Getting Stuff Done.

Notice I didn’t say a Minister of GTT (Getting Thoughts Thunk), or HLM (Having Lunch Meetings), or DNE (Do Nothing Elder), or Minister of LIT (Lofty Ideas & Theory), or a SGO (Second Guesser of Others). The most important positions in a church context are people who can GET STUFF DONE! A good GSD Pastor is willing to be your children’s pastor, administrative assistant, executive director, and church custodian – all in the same day. A natural born Getting-Stuff-Done-person will live for the thrill of accomplishing tasks to free up the lead pastor so he can do what only he can do.

Over time the needs of a church become more complex and sophisticated. Then you have to select specialists for leadership who are experts in their field. There is never any room on the payroll for theorists or committee member bureaucrats. If you have to, fire the show horses and hire folks who know how to execute and produce.

This post is dedicated to the first class GST Team at PCC. You Get Stuff Done!

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Unknown said...

Amen, Amen!! Right on the point and we pray for more such members to come forward and do what God has called us to do.