Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - Feb 21, 2010

  • Fabulous day! Just when I think it can’t get any better, it does.

  • Attendance was good – 481 - a little lower than our new normal, but still good. Giving was strong too.

  • The music was dead-on target. All four songs were done well, the words were full of theology, and the emphasis was very God-honoring. I especially liked the last song – Give Us Clean Hands. We also closed service with the same number – it was a perfect way to cement our commitment.

  • Glad to have our bass player back on stage. I filled-in last week in his absence and enjoyed doing so. But I’m an acoustic guy at heart. BTW, Alex did a good job on bass – especially on the song “Breathe” – he was as smooth as silk. I had to turn and look at him a couple of times because I was so impressed.

  • Our drummer did an outstanding job too – lame foot and all. I am still impressed at the self-taught strides this man has made.

  • Today was the final message on the book Malachi. Our church has changed as a result of this series.

  • A few people told me that I seemed to have more liberty and energy during the sermon today. I replied that it was probably because I was glad the series was over.

  • The new teen band rehearsed during the second service and one of the teen classes had to relocate to the admin area. The place was packed with wall-to-wall teens.

  • After church today the Care & Prayer Team had a lunch meeting to make plans for 2010, improve systems, and spend some time together in fellowship. It looked like about 30+ people were present. This group handles most of the crisis response for families in our church such as funerals, benevolence, some shut-ins, and other needs. They are sometimes involved in hospital visitation. They are also the primary group that handles the prayer requests that come to our attention. I was very encouraged to see this group “handling it” – especially without expecting me to be the one to hold it together. These people do a lot of deacon work in our church. Great job to the leaders who make it happen.

  • There was lot of God-honoring activity in the house today. i.e., Chairs being brought out, classes meeting all over the building, teen band cranking up, workers meetings, excellent worship, staff meeting, a strong word, and hundreds of hands lifted in worship. The new hospitality team is doing an excellent job too! What’s not to like about that?

  • I got a chance to walk through the building BEFORE service today and talk with a people. I like doing that, but often cannot. I took a stroll down the children's hallway greeting people, saying thank-you to our workers, and meeting young nervous parents. It appeared as if they were glad to see me walking around in that part of the building because I so seldom do. It was also fun to mingle with some of the congregation before service. Especially like seeing the teenagers sitting on the front row. Oh man, to influence the next generation is such a privilege.

  • JUST FOR THE RECORD – I am not leaving PCC, resigning, taking another church, stepping down, going somewhere else, or moving. I am here long term, and if God is willing, for the rest of my life. I have made a lifetime commitment to this church and will be here.

  • ON THE OTHER HAND, my role is going to change at PCC… just as it has continuously changed since the days of our beginning. This year, 2010, will see more changes at our church. Some of the first changes to be noticed will occur on the stage (with our band) that will be affecting me directly, as well as Renae, and even others, as we recruit and develop new and additional talent. Some of my other responsibilities in the church are going to change too as we train and nstall new leaders in certain critical areas. I will be writing more about this later.

  • FINALLY – I am writing a current blog series entitled CONFESSIONS OF A CHURCH PLANTER. Just so you know, this series has nothing to do with any issues going on right now. I am writing a book on PCC’s journey and want to record my thoughts before I lose them from memory. It has been twelve years since our little church began and a LOT of stuff has happened over those years – and that’s what I am writing about. In fact, our church has never been healthier, happier, or more enjoyable than it is right now. Except for the fact that Renae and I are overworked and need a break, this is the BEST SEASON EVER in our church’s history. As for me personally right now, I am healed, well, and whole. I've never been in a better state of mind.

  • I hope you will follow the series. Keep in mind some of the content is likely to be raw. Since it happened that way, there is no need for me to sugar coat it. It is what it is.

  • I hope you will live a God-honoring life this week.

  • Blessings.


Louie said...


Although some may think this last series from Malachi was a tough pill to swallow I really enjoyed it. I know that sometimes I have been a hearer of the word only and not a doer, but I am praying that I will be more of a doer of the word than just a hearer. Thank you for continuing to preach on the hard stuff that others shy away from.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Ron,
I am so glad to be envolved with a ministry at our church. As I am envolved with the care team I have more prayer time with God which is great. There are so many people that step up and help in times of need.

Ron said...

Thanks for the encouragement. When I am apprehensive about teaching difficult subjects I comfort myself with Jesus' words when He said, "My sheep know my voice...."

God's people always want to hear the truth of God's Word; even the challenging parts.

Thanks again.

Ron said...

Thanks for volunteering and being such a vital part of our church. The ministry area you serve in does a great deal of good for the PCC family, not to mention how much it helps me personally. Additionally it does a pastors heart good to see so many people ministering to "one another."

Blessings to you and Brad.