Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Five

1.  The message this Sunday is:  “Malice in the Palace” from Esther chapter 3.  We’ll learn three very important lessons from this chapter.

2.  Next week your 2011 contributions statements will be mailed.

3.  We have added more chairs to the sanctuary to accommodate the growing attendance.  I would suggest arriving early this Sunday to get a good seat.

4.  Over 30 people have signed up for this Sunday’s Meet & Greet (Newcomers Lunch/Coffee).  Wow! 

5.  Reconciliation.  If you have read my blog over any length of time you know that I often write about the importance of reconciliation, particularly in the context of church relationships.  I write about it a lot.  Why?  (1)  Relationship conflict/tension is a fact of life in church (2)  The Bible commands us to seek reconciliation and shows us the process how (3)  Far too many people simply run, finding it too easy to just leave a church or change churches.  By doing so they keep the conflict alive and remain immature having never even made an attempt to resolve their issue (4) Conflict resolution leads to spiritual growth and maturity, and, (5) Disunity is a sin.  I could go on and on.  I’ve written about this dozens of times.

Well, good news.  It is a rare thing, but every now-and-then someone steps up and owns the process.  It happened yesterday.  A person called on the phone. They asked, “Can we talk.”  A meeting was arranged.  Two hours later restoration had occurred.  It was a good day. 

I am hopeful that many more of these will occurr.

….thou hast gained thy brother (Matthew 18:15).

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